What Makes Bangalore Real Estate a Great Investment Option for NRIs?

What Makes Bangalore Real Estate a Great Investment Option for NRIs? Key policy reforms are increasingly being implemented in the Indian realty sector to reduce instabilities and established overall accountability in this sector. This step has resulted in the recent growth of Nonresidential Indians’ (NRIs’) perpetual interest to invest in Indian real estate. What Lures NRI Realty Investors to Invest in Indian Realty Sector? While Indian real estate has been one of the top investment choices for NRIs, here are some of the top factors that are luring NRI investments in real estate like never before: Stable real estate market Higher value for your investment Increased transparency Hassle-free rental incomes Higher returns on investments Premium lifestyle amenities Easy access to social infrastructure Premium homes by reputed builders Majority of the migrants in affluent countries are Indians, making India one of the top nations receiving highest remittances in the world. This shows that even though most Indians move to prosperous countries, they...

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Top 5 Amenities You Should Check Before Investing in an Apartment

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Are you planning to buy an apartment in Bangalore and are not sure what things to look for while buying? Well, if you are considering buying a flat in a gated community, you would automatically get access to the amenities that the project offers. An apartment in a gated community will have the best of the latest and modern amenities. However, it also depends on which builder you pick and what amenities the builder offers. Apart from checking the Vaastu compliance and the location of your apartment, following are 5 amenities that you should look for: 1. Cross-ventilation Present day construction style and infrastructure is not the same as it was before. Earlier, 3- to 4-storey buildings were being built. However, these days skyscrapers are becoming popular. Imagine living on the 10th or 20th floor with no adequate ventilation and cross-ventilation. So, it is important to ensure the windows are well-built, allowing...

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Top 5 Reasons to Invest in Bangalore Real Estate

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Bangalore is certainly one of the top real estate hubs in India. Pleasant climate round-the-year, proximity to IT hubs, huge employment opportunities and high growth potential are some of the major factors that make Bangalore real estate a potential investment destination for NRIs and resident Indians alike. Well-established localities with a breath of fresh air from the booming IT industry provide the best of both worlds for potential investors and home buyers. Often, when it comes to actually buying a home or investing in real estate, investors face a dilemma – whether to invest in developing areas with high growth potential or choose residential localities with well-developed infrastructure. With booming IT sector, enhanced connectivity and stable real estate market, Bangalore real estate is just right for anyone who looks for stability, proximity and security. If you are still thinking whether you should invest in Bangalore real estate, then here are some reasons...

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8 Reasons Why You Should Buy a Property in South Bangalore

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If you are looking to invest in an apartment or a villa in Bangalore, you already know it’s a wonderful decision. Bangalore homes some of the best opportunities in terms of job, education and options to create international quality lifestyle for you. After all, everyone aspires to own an apartment in Bangalore, considering the elite social infrastructure the city offers. Bangalore today is the choicest destination for all those who wish to make it big in their life. So, in case you are working out of Bangalore and wish to invest in a property, it is best to consider South Bangalore. The reasons are simple - South Bangalore homes a number of IT hubs, which are at a stone’s throw distance from where you wish to get your apartment or villa. First, you need to get sorted with your budget and decide whether you can afford a 1/2/3 BHK premium apartment or...

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10 Important Factors to Consider in Home – Buying Process

Bangalore is a potential property destination for investors and home buyers alike. This makes buying property in Bangalore a ‘dream come true’ for many. People do everything in their ability to buy property in this city. If the property is in a premium location, then the value of the property and the desire to own it also increases. Buying an apartment in a city like Bangalore requires meticulous planning. Finding the perfect apartment – for investment or living – can be challenging. So, as an aspiring home owner it is important for you to thoroughly prepare to face this challenge and find the right apartment for you. After all, this could even be the decision that might take up your life savings. Here are 10 essential points one must consider while buying a home in Bangalore or anywhere in general. 1. Location The location of a property is very important. You must consider premium...

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