7 Mistakes to Avoid While Buying an Apartment

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The real estate market is one place every one fears a lot. Fraud is frequent in real estate sector, which could be anything from low-quality construction and delay in handing over the property to builders absconding after taking the money from aspiring home owners like you and me. If you are looking to buy premium apartments in Bangalore, there are quite a few realtors who offer excellent apartments. So, if you have made up your mind to buy an apartment, then here are top 7 mistakes that you should avoid. 1. Focusing on Flashy Details Rather than the Essentials Quality construction should be your first priority and concern rather than enticing external designs of the apartment you are looking to buy. Realtors can be good at luring you into lacquered glass, vitrified tiles and other exquisite details, however, taking a closer look at the plumbing, quality of the construction materials used and...

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5 Checkpoints Before You Invest an Apartment

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Every time you see a new and lush property, don’t you instantly get attracted to it? Almost all of us look to buy a good property in a good location having good facilities. However, not all that looks good is worth a buy. If you keep a constant tap on the recent property deals and the risks associated with it, you would be cautious every time you are looking to invest in a property. If you are not aware of the property deals and the possible risks associated with it, then it’s high time you check before you make up your mind to invest in one. We agree that a property is worth millions, so it can be a great investment too. It’s an asset that every one of us should have. The Indian government has been trying to invest in building houses for one and all. However, they have...

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